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  • steve carter is an associate teaching pastor who now oversees the rockharbor fullerton campus. he works with a great team of staff and volunteers who are committed to helping this young community become an actual family. steve lives with his wife sarah, their son emerson and their dog fenway in fullerton, california.

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January 08, 2009


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Kyle Stowell

I could be wrong, but fist bump story guy? The Godfather himself, chris brennan.

Brie Beasley

Hey when you get a chance, check out my blog because I did a post about you that I want you to check out! I will miss you so much! See you Tuesday!

Ben Kendrew

Steve, just wanted to say hello. I hope all is well brother. Blessings to you and your family.

Brie Beasley

Steve I hope everything is going well ot in Cali!! We miss you so much! Email me with your new email when you get a chance I know you are busy!! Talk to you later! Miss you!


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For some reason I read this post a month ago or so. Last week I was in an elders meeting and the oldest guy who knows nothing of Rob or Fechner made the comment, "everything is spiritual". And I chuckled a bit at the the truth your post is conveying.

Jerry DePoy Jr.

I'm sick of Rob Bell always ripping off my material.
But there is no copywrite on Truth, I suppose.

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