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  • steve carter is an associate teaching pastor who now oversees the rockharbor fullerton campus. he works with a great team of staff and volunteers who are committed to helping this young community become an actual family. steve lives with his wife sarah, their son emerson and their dog fenway in fullerton, california.

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January 05, 2009


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The Wingnut

I was thinking about this topic yesterday, listening to Kent teach. His teaching mirrored almost exactly a teaching that Rob gave some years ago, which I have on cassette(!) and listen to from time to time.

Naturally, one begins to wonder who exactly the teaching "belongs" to when confronted with something like that.

Thank you Matt for cutting right to the heart of the matter, and thank you Steve for allowing Matt to "hijack" your blog!




Great words. I especially like the way you bash blogs in a guest blog post!

And maybe we should rewrite the Psalm to read, "the earth is the Lord's and every idea in it"

Steve S

Wow, that's incredibly insightful. I can't help but feel a little taken aback as a blogger reading this. It does make me wonder what my motivations really are. After all, I don't think I'd put my thoughts out there if I didn't really want people to read them. I don't know if there's inherently anything wrong with that, but I do like the reminder that all my bright ideas really have their origin somewhere else to begin with, and ultimately come from God.

Kyle Stowell

"I want to be the kind of person who can sweat and bleed over ideas and content and then freely give it away to others, because deep down I know and want to know it never belonged to me in the first place."

Funny you end on that. Just last night I was having a conversation about that, the person said do to me.

"Kyle, you realize that if you were called to teach, that the spirit of the lord will guide you in your teaching. And your ideas will not be "yours" but coming from God."

If the lord created everything and called it good, how can we have "original ideas", Just ideas inspired by him.....................

Great post.......did you write this to feel validated? :)

ryan guard

I feel like this post is a lot like my bible. Everything before "I want to be the kind of person" is sorta like the OT (or Hebrew Bible if you're from MH), and everything after that is sorta like the NT.

The OT in this post says things that make me silently cringe, wondering if that's what the author REALLY means.

I feel like there's truth in the OT of this post, but it comes across so raw that it's hard to digest.

But the NT is my kind of gravy. It's about a person... a person who lives a certain way. Not so much driven by laws, but with a motivation to be an honorable person. It's everything I want to talk about- doing my best to not be authentic, but not being so bound by rules that my teaching gets strangled and limited.

I've actually heard some great things about Matt from Steve, so I read this post in much the same way that I read my OT (free to assume the goodness and trustworthiness of the author).

So, much like many bible readers, I'll probably come back to this text again and again to re-read the last part.

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