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  • steve carter is an associate teaching pastor who now oversees the rockharbor fullerton campus. he works with a great team of staff and volunteers who are committed to helping this young community become an actual family. steve lives with his wife sarah, their son emerson and their dog fenway in fullerton, california.

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September 20, 2008


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ryan guard

Wow, the switch is happening! You're so good for the new role. I can't wait to hear all about it as it unfolds.

john chandler

Congrats Steve...sounds like our hands will be full, but I'm glad to hear you are still going to have some chances to engage directly with students.

Worth Wheeler


Since I'm involved in college ministry myself out here in Idaho, I'm curious about all of the thoughts, dreams, and concerns you are receiving for your new college ministry responsibilities. Our college ministry has been in place since June 2005, so we're still relatively young in that sense. Our college ministry is trying to be a community within a larger community, that focuses on living out our faith. I guess I like to start up some dialogue with you on the subject if this particular niche of ministry. It should come as no surprise that several of your larger communities' ideas and philosophies are very intriguing and motivating to this generation of people that I'm working with who want to follow the way of Jesus. Get back to me when you can. - Worth p.s. good thoughts on "rythms not balance" as well.

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