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  • steve carter is an associate teaching pastor who now oversees the rockharbor fullerton campus. he works with a great team of staff and volunteers who are committed to helping this young community become an actual family. steve lives with his wife sarah, their son emerson and their dog fenway in fullerton, california.

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November 25, 2008


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ryan guard

your NYWC speaker bio mentioned Fenway but not Emerson. must be a pretty sweet dog.

Zach Gibson

I know that once I got there and got into the groove, NYWC in Sacramento was amazing. The intimacy of the Convention Center was great, and the speakers, save for one, were phenomenal. I appreciated greatly the conversations I had with some fellow youth workers, but especially the aspect of not having to contribute anything but participation was much needed. Congrats on Rock Harbor.

Angela Ralston

Hi, I’ve noticed that you’ve blogged about Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. Just wanted you to know that the videos to accompany the book are now available to download at:

Also, a Crazy Love small group dvd with never-before-seen content will be available in January. Because of your wonderful blog post about the book, I’d like to offer you a free pre-release copy of the dvd to review. Please email me your address, and I’d be happy to send it. Thanks!



Guess what my mom finally had her baby. Her name is Charlotte Jane she is beautiful you can check my blog for pictures. She was born Sunday at 8:18. You will have to stop by our house and see her when you get a chance!

brie beasley


i appreciated you spending a few minutes chatting after the seminar in nashville. (i was one of the two guys who stuck around; you gave me an example of how you were helping leaders set ministry goals.) just wanted to say thanks. -josh

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